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Collaboration in the Digital Age

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June 27th, 2023

Collaboration in the Digital Age 

Unlike before, when workspaces were majorly physical, collaboration has become more critical in this digital age. With teams spread across the globe, keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging. However, several tools and strategies can help to improve collaboration and ensure that projects complete successfully.

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Sync! is a project management tool designed to help African entrepreneurs collaborate more effectively through its features that can help improve communication, accountability, and productivity. 

Some of the central features of Sync! include: 

  • Real-time communication:

    CORE reports that 95% of all project problems result from poor communication, while 30% of projects fail from the same.

    Sync! allows team members to communicate with each other in real-time using chat and file sharing.

  • Goal setting and tracking:

    Project Management Works

    reports that 30% of projects fail due to undefined goals.

    With Sync! team members can set clear goals and track their progress. Projects are simplified into milestones and further into manageable tasks. Tracking ensures alignment with the objective and that project managers/stakeholders see the progress.

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Watch this video to see how you can create your next project!

  • Resource management:

    From funds to human capital, resources are a key fundamental to the success of a project. Therefore, properly utilising the available resources is paramount.

    Sync! helps team members to manage their time through its “to-do list” feature. It helps to avoid overwork and ensure that projects complete within budget.

  • Task delegation:

    Delegation brings about a sense of responsibility and ensures accountability.

    Sync! allows team leaders to delegate tasks by assigning milestones to specific team members. It helps ensure everyone is working on the right task and that projects finish on time.

Sync! is a powerful tool that can help African entrepreneurs to collaborate more effectively. If you are looking to improve team communication, accountability, and productivity, then Sync! is a great option. 

Here are some additional tips for improving collaboration in the digital age:

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