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Building your business and managing your team just got easier! With Sync! you can track milestones, collaborate on projects and process payments all in one place, and on the go!

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Leverage Sync! and Accelerate your growth


Drive results with efficient team collaboration

Build Team Synergy

Be sure that everyone on the team is aligned on mission, purpose and urgency

Drive Accountability

Keep your team accountable with high visibility and low confusion. Get results not excuses

Manage Resources

Leverage your team’s talent and capital in ways that help you meet your goals.



Empower yourself with a tool that keeps you agile

Stay Organised

Use trackers and tools that help you stay on task and on schedule

Prioritise Effectively

Be sure that what you are doing is what is most important to your team

Understand the Big Picture

Be clear on how your work contributes to the overall goals of the team

MSME Gift Pack

Introduce us to your favourite African businesses and we'll give them exclusive access to our gift pack, designed to enhance the productivity and growth.

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Get Started on Your Journey to
Become A Project Manager

There's a growing number of young professionals who are interested in starting a career in project management, but few of them know how to go about it. Now that you've gained access to our Project Management Start Kit, a complete guide to getting started in project management, congratulations on being one of the few.

In a few years, you'll definitely have a similar story to Liza and Chika...


Maybe you'll even have a better story, who knows? Simply tell us your name and email address, download a copy of the guide, and we'll be there to support your journey.

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Teams Sync Productivity App

Building business success and thriving in your workplace just got easier with Sync!, a productivity app that reduces anxiety for employees and project owners by providing an array of features that helps you sift and sort through milestones, deliverables and process payments freely. All in one place, and on the go! Not convinced yet?
Take the Sync avatar quiz to synthesize how you work and how Sync can work for you.

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Embrace the future of work with SpurtX!

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