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Delegation as a tool for company Progress

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February 3rd, 2023

Delegation as a tool for company progress


Wonder why companies with larger teams are rated higher than companies with small teams? Wonder why successful companies have a lot of employees? You might think it’s irrational to hire a lot of employees but it is only irrational when there are no goals for them and when the decision is not carefully considered before they are hired. I am here to just tell you that if you have evaluated your business and you need to expand your team, expand it. Two heads are better than one. Forty heads are also better than 20. You get my point.

There are lots of definitions of delegation from different experts, blogs and books. Delegation happens in government, in business, in management. One cannot possess leadership without possessing the skill of delegation. The definition of delegation you come across online or offline would conclusively mean transferring responsibilities to another person (Usually from a superior to a subordinate). Definitely, you won’t transfer duties to your superior.

Here are some of the reasons leaders fail to delegate

1. They claim they don’t have the time to map out the tasks and delegate it to their team members.

2. They believe they can do the job better than anyone on the team. Delegate today! You might be shocked. If you have this fear, you can always be the one to give approval and feedback on tasks that you’ve delegated. You can also set the success criteria for that task. This will foster communication in your business.

3. Honestly, some people just enjoy doing a lot of work. No judgments, but you should pick quality over quantity.

4. Some people think that they would surrender their authority if they delegate important tasks. Proper delegation ensures that tasks are being transferred to team members that can effectively carry out the task. The ability to spot these people is the reason why you were given authority in the first place.

5. Fear of becoming invisible. Delegation does not make you invisible. It makes you very conspicuous. How can you be invisible when you’d give approval? How can you be invisible when you’re the one giving your team members the task to do? How? No way yeah? I thought so too.


1. You get the time to focus on higher level tasks

Transferring responsibilities to subordinates in your company ensures that your mind is fully focused on important tasks. Your mind is free of distractions hence, you’ll be able to make decisions that will take your company to the next level. It helps leaders to maximize their intellectual resources, ensuring that they are focusing on the things that matter. It is likely you will fail as a leader if you are juggling numerous tasks at the same time and you might find it difficult to prioritize.

2. Employee Happiness

Delegation builds trust and engagement within employees. The level of an employee’s engagement is often related to how work is assigned to them. Subordinates are given the opportunity to show their strengths and make valuable contributions to the work and the leader earns loyalty from the subordinates. Engaged employees are happy employees. Your employees are good, you are better.

Other benefits would include that delegation saves time and fosters professional development.

Tasks are done by professionals that were trained for that task, and hence they get to do it better. It improves productivity and many more. As you can see, you have more to gain when you delegate.

On Sync! Delegation is seamless, you can easily invite a member of your team to work on a task, you can also assign tasks and milestones to members of your team. The great thing is, work is transparent and you can track the assigned tasks effortlessly. Visit www.teamsync.tools to sign up and enjoy easy delegation.

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