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How To Use Productivity and Product Management Tool: Sync

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February 3rd, 2023

How To Use Productivity and Product Management Tool: Sync

You joined as a partner/member so here are the things you can do on Sync!

With Sync! you can track milestones, collaborate on projects and process payments all in one place, and on the go!

All the chaos and resentments you have from lack of planning and organisation for your business are replaced with synergy and accountability with Sync!

So let me explain the nitty-gritty of Sync!

Sync! is for every member of your organization, it doesn’t matter if you’re the head of the team or you’re a member. You can perform all your duties effectively and move your company forward.


Team Leaders

On Sync! as a team leader, efficient team collaboration on the platform is easy with our instant messaging feature. You drive results and move your company forward.

Build team synergy

Be sure that everyone on the team is aligned with the same goals, mission, and vision for the company.

Drive accountability

Keep your team accountable with high visibility and low confusion. Get ahead of the excuses from your employees with real-time analytics of their performance.

Manage resources

Leverage your team’s skills and convert them to growth for your company.

Team Members

Empower yourself with tools that help you to excel at work

Stay organised

Sync! has a lot of trackers and tools that help you stay organised and on track with your tasks.

Prioritise effectively

Be sure that your actions and work are moving the team forward

Understanding the big picture

Be clear on how your work contributes to the team’s overall goals.

Who are you on Sync?

Now on Sync! you have the option to sign up as either a member or partner. But what does this mean? What’s the difference between a member and partner on Sync!

I will explain indepthly what a member or partner is on Sync!

Partner on Sync!

Partners are managers and owners of businesses. Our platform is designed for you to collaborate seamlessly with your team offline and online so you can build the best version of your business.

As a partner, you have unlimited access to a talent network where you engage qualified professionals for short-term or long-term business support.


Optimise team performance and productivity with real-time analytics and insights on team performance and workplace productivity.


Real-time analytics of team performance

As a business owner, you need a smart and adaptable platform that ensures that planning, designing, and executing of work is quick and stress-free and Sync! is the perfect platform to help with that.

Members on Sync!

Members are freelancers and employees. As a freelancer or work employee on Sync! you get to join an opportunities network that gets you paid. Sync! is integrated with tools that make you work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly with your team members.

No matter where you are in the world stay connected with your team members and keep up with the progress of the company.

Sync! is also a great platform to manage your finances. It is incorporated with a lot of financial services that assist you to save or borrow money and pay whenever you need to.


Sync! marketplace is loaded with a verified network of businesses and teams, as a member, you’re free to access and collaborate. Get paid for your hustle.

A good thing about Sync! is that we’re keen on the growth of members of our platform which is why we have tools designed to maximise their efficiency and quality of work.

Sync! is currently still in the beta stage and we will love for you to be part of the experience. Sign up at www.teamsync.tools to enjoy two months for free.

Be ahead of your competitors with the right productivity software.

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