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The Benefits of Working Remotely in 2023

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February 5th, 2023

The Benefits of Working Remotely in 2022

The start of the COVID 19 pandemic brought numerous changes, especially in the business world, a lot of companies moved from solely working physically in the office to working remotely. This new development has led to the growth of productivity software (like our very own Sync! which has recently been launched) to make employees accountable and productive while still working from home.

In 2022, the main benefit of remote work worldwide was the ability to have a flexible schedule and also the ability to work from any location.

By allowing employees to work remotely and focusing less on in-person gatherings, work can be more productive while creating more welcoming environments and fostering real connections.

Employers should focus more on the tasks completed and not on the hours employees spend on work. Hours spent on achieving a task should not be a measure of productivity but instead, the goals achieved. To increase the productivity of their employees, companies should give paid time-offs.

According to a survey by ConnectSolutions, working remotely can increase productivity by up to 77%. So, what exactly is so great about working from the comfort of your home?

Working remotely improves work-life balance. Working from home makes it possible to remain present in family and leisure activities while being able to tackle work tasks. The Flexible working hours allow proper time allocation for work and non-work activities.

Business owners save a lot of money from renting spaces and paying for related resources. Many employees when working from home use their own laptops meaning that companies don’t have to spend money on software updates. The cost of rent, electricity, equipment, furniture, etc. is greatly reduced from the company.

Companies that have a physical workspace can only hire people that stay in close proximity to the office, but a remote company has the benefit of employing people from around the world. A remote company can create a diverse team with members from allover the globe which contributes to business growth.

Through remote work, organizations can reduce staff turnover and retain employees longer. Working from home eliminates some of the factors that contribute to staff turnover such as long commutes to work and office politics.

Remote workers make the workplace more productive. This is because they are able to work during hours when their productivity is high. While working from home, workers are better positioned to eat healthy meals which improves brain performance and increases creativity and productivity.

Eliminating the commute to work can mean more time at home for rest or staying longer in bed, which leads to better sleep. This can improve the mental health and immune systems of the employees. Healthy employees are more productive.


In Spurt! we’re all about productivity from home. And we definitely value a healthy workforce that has a balanced work and personal life, this comes as no surprise that we’re a fully remote company. This is why we have developed a productivity platform called Sync! that will help all African small businesses to reach their full potential.

With Sync! building your business and managing your team just got easier. Sync! lets you track milestones, collaborate on projects, and process payments all in one place, and on the go!

Join the platform today at www.teamsync.tools and build your business.

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