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Using Technology for Project Management, Hiring, and Freelancing

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February 4th, 2023

We had a Twitter Space Chat on Using Technology for Project Management, Hiring, and Freelancing and this is how the discussion went

Technology in all forms makes work more manageable. By far, we can say that the structure and delivery of work has rapidly changed for the better over time with modern technology. Almost anything can be done “online”. If you are a business owner, an employee, or a freelancer, you might want to take technology a bit more seriously than you did before.

Our guest on the Twitter Space chat, Frida Eposi spoke about how she had to manage her team and client relationship virtually during the COVID 19 pandemic. Frida is a young woman highly invested in empowering other young women through technology and entrepreneurship. She believes that women have great power and possess what it takes to build and sustain businesses.

Frida co-founded a hub before the pandemic hit. The lockdown resulted in a need for her to move her team and trainees onto a virtual platform so she employed tools such as WhatsApp and Telegram. With these digital platforms, she was able to continue running her hub, training and providing mentorship for many young women and now, she is looking to build a much bigger platform that is more specifically designed for the new projects she is working on. One of such projects is to connect professional newbies to people who are already experts in the desired field as mentors. She is also working on creating an e-learning platform where budding professionals can find detailed information on the career they are aspiring to.

She observed that women generally feel that “tech” wasn’t something they could do, a resolve she believes partly stems from the generalization of technology as “programming” or “coding” and also from ignorance. There are many career options in tech, most of which only require basic communication and design skills such as content marketing. You can work in tech and leverage different technologies to build your career or business. If you are unsure of this, book a demo session with us, and let’s show you how you can use our product, Sync! for project management, hiring, and freelancing.

Spurt! comprises a diverse team of people working remotely from different countries across Africa. Want to know how we manage the team, work on projects and ensure accountability and productivity? -Technology.

And now, we have built a product, Sync! to help business owners manage their teams, track projects, hire talent, and make payments in one place. No need for multiple apps; you get to have everything and everyone in sync on Sync!. This product provides the opportunity to work remotely with companies looking for talent. If you are yet to sign up on Sync!, click here to go to the website.


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