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Workflow Integration: How the Sync! Marketplace is a Game Changer for Small Businesses

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January 19th, 2024

Nothing irks project managers more than having to use multiple tools to execute daily work processes. This is why workflow integration systems have become an important part of optimising business operations.

Scouring the market for SaaS solutions that adequately tackle the problem of poor integration disrupting workflow is a nightmare for most project managers. Even after moving past the dark ages of filling task updates into Excel sheets and exchanging files and feedback via WhatsApp, seamless integration challenges remain for project managers.

What's the Current Project Management Landscape?


Most project management platforms mainly account for task progress, project timelines, team collaboration, document management, communication, issue tracking, time tracking, performance metrics, and feedback. This points to a presumption that projects are the exclusive reserve of traditional teams and considering the current dynamics of remote work, this seriously affects workflow integration.

There is hardly any thought spared for organisations that work primarily with freelancers, or those that need to supplement their team with freelance services and detest the hassle of repeatedly granting temporary access, only to revoke it in the short term and start all over.

The Sync! Marketplace Brings Optimal Workflow Integration


Sync!’s marketplace has emerged as a cure for the chaos that organisations that work with freelancers often encounter. On the same platform where they monitor their team’s projects, project managers can now hire, contract, work with, and pay freelancers with a few clicks.

The result of this brilliant feature on Sync! is a platform that allows full-time employees and freelancers to collaborate on projects without having to move between multiple platforms to complete hires, secure payments, and assign tasks.

Why Waste Time Onboarding Freelancers?

One of the downsides of hiring freelancers from a freelance platform to work with an existing team is the time spent onboarding them to the platform where that team works, hurting workflow integration. While the freelancer takes a moment to come to grips with their new surroundings, mistakes are made, and precious time is lost.

Project managers face no such issues when hiring freelancers from Sync! marketplace, because those freelancers are already on Sync! and they know how the platform works. They can seamlessly begin to collaborate with existing teams without missing a beat.

Sync! Marketplace is Proof of Forward-Thinking Workflow Integration

Sync! is a tool created to facilitate the future of work, and its marketplace feature is proof that it does just that. The talent landscape has evolved drastically in recent times, and with more professionals opting to keep most of their working relationships short and flexible, Sync! is proving to be the right tool for the journey.

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